Gratitude has been proven to actually change your brain (for the better). Various peer-reviewed studies have shown the tremendous effects of a gratitude practice on the brain, specifically increasing determination, lessening depression, increasing levels of energy, and a longer attention span.  It has also been shown that people with a gratitude practice tend to be happier and less depressed. Try it out for yourself! Practice gratitude daily this month and watch your world shift. 

"I’m so happy that this month’s theme was a well thought out theme – and not just a theme to fit in with the season. The items were all there to boost our brain’s health, while still being grounded in gratitude. . . I really enjoyed that this was a box that could be gifted to anybody, man or woman. It’s a feel good for the brain box!"
- Catherine, Hello Subscription


Studies have shown that spending time in nature helps our brain to relax, be more creative, heighten our senses, improve mood, decrease brooding, reduce anxiety, increase our attention span, and even improve memory. Just spending at least 20 minutes in nature or looking out a window can help you start reaping some of these benefits. But, the more the better. We recommend taking a 60-90 minute nature walk (with phone off) once a week.

"NeuroBox was amazing! I had a lot of fun going through the box, everything was high quality, great value for the price of the box. The ingredients good for the brain in the drink, the gum and the coconut oil were the stars, not an afterthought. No items felt like fillers."
- Catherine, Hello Subscription

"The NeuroBox is $45 per month, or less if you choose a 3-month or 6-month plan. Every box is guaranteed to have at least $75 worth of fun brain products in it. SEEMS LIKE A NO-BRAINER TO ME! (See what I did there?!)"
- Jenny Sansouci, Healthy Crush

"We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The NeuroBox is a great way to really keep yourself and your mind fresh and active. It's a bit of self care that goes unnoticed in many instances and we love that NeuroBox is one of it's kind! The presentation is awesome and everything arrives perfectly. The quality is wonderful. Each item in this box is made with wonderful ingredients and is EXCELLENT! And curation. This month's theme is 'Nature' and we really feel like they drew many of the boxes additions from nature and encouraged us to enjoy the calming properties of the outside."
- Asheli, Not a Tree Reviews