Maximize Your Brain Power 

A brain-performance monthly subscription box packed with everything you need to be more productive, energized, and focused.

You’re overwhelmed with work, relationships, daily obligations, and when it comes down to it - you just don’t have enough time to focus on the health of your brain. 

You’re suffering from lack of concentration, too much stress, memory blanks, and now, the once manageable brain fog has turned into full-blown brain exhaustion.  

You so badly want to power up your brain, eliminate brain fatigue, and recharge your mind.

But, you’re running low on time, too busy to fuel up, and too confused on how to flex your brain-muscles.

That’s why you’re here. 

We’ve got the perfect solution to help you turn your exhausted brain into the high-performing, intelligent machine it was designed to be. 


The only brain power box that focuses on making you the sharpest, brightest person in the room.

We’ve got your brain on our mind with each monthly box that comes delivered straight to your front door. Featuring popular favorites and newly released  products at nearly 50% off the retail price, it’s fully-packed with brain-efficient tools to optimize your cognitive performance.


Each month, our experts at NeuroBox research countless products so you don’t have to. They select  5 - 7 full-size products designed to boost your brain health and ship them right to your door. Each product you will receive is shown to benefit one of these three categories:

Brain Power

Energize your brain, enhance your focus, and fuel your drive with delicious, vegan-based nourishment in the form of snacks or beverages to take on the go! 

Brain Pleasure 

Reduce stress, elevate your mood, and expand new neuron growth that get your brain in zen mode. 

Brain Performance

Stimulate your brain, sharpen your skills, and take your smarts to the next level with new performance challenges. 

You get full-size products delivered right to your door starting as low as $40 a month!  Let us do the work of finding the products you will love so you can save time & money while fueling your brain. 


Whether you’re into boosting your sports performance, work performance, school performance, or even your home-life performance, NeuroBox was made with you in mind. 

Our customers range from high-profile athletes to go-getter entrepreneurs who want to boost and maintain a healthy, active mind. 

With our three-pronged holistic approach to developing cognitive performance, you’ll never have to deal with brain fatigue again. 

Each NeuroBox contains 5 - 7 full size items that are hand-chosen to give your brain power, pleasure, and better performance. 


We take pride in delivering you a NeuroBox sourced only with top quality products from health-conscious companies. For just $45 a month, we select the best, brain-boosting products on the market and drop them right at your door. Each box has an average value of $80 or more and also comes with money-saving exclusive coupons just in case you fall in love with an item and want more.


We’re a box that gives back. A portion of each sale from our monthly subscription boxes will be given to a high-need cause because we believe in contributing to the world just as much as we believe in helping you fuel your brain.


And, as if brain-power snacks, brain-pleasure tools, brain-performance training, and giving back to the world wasn’t enough - we’ve also got a super-awesome prize waiting just for you. 


"I’m so happy that this month’s theme was a well thought out theme – and not just a theme to fit in with the season. The items were all there to boost our brain’s health, while still being grounded in gratitude. . . I really enjoyed that this is a box that could be gifted to anybody, man or woman. It’s a feel good box for the brain!"
- Catherine, Hello Subscription

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